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Università dei Sapori rappresenta un modello formativo sempre più autorevole ed apprezzato nel panorama nazionale ed internazionale. Annovera partner in tutto il mondo e fonda il suo valore aggiunto nel fare della Formazione un veicolo per la promozione della storia agroalimentare ed enograstronomica italiana e dei suoi prodotti di eccellenza. Centinaia di giovani allievi arrivano ogni anno all’Università dei Sapori per apprendere la cultura e l’arte della Cucina italiana e diventarne Ambasciatori.

Università dei Sapori ha sviluppato numerose collaborazioni di tipo formativo con aziende, professionisti, istituzioni e Università straniere, siglando importanti network, partnership e progetti internazionali.

Propone corsi e programmi di formazione che portano a competenze altamente specialistiche. Attiva study visit ed intership

Università dei Sapori realizza progetti europei finalizzati alla sperimentazione di nuove metodologie e contenuti formativi e alla standardizzazione e al riconoscimento delle competenze.



Italian cuisine is the result of a centuries-old historical process of Italian society, always leading to significant moments of human civilization. For an innate inclination to the attention of the Italians to human relationships and the quality of life, the culture of the table has become in the course of time the symbol of hospitality and welcome, the food has taken on a value like art and music.

Italian restaurants in the world are more than 80.000 (35,000 of them in Europe) with a turnover of 30 billion dollars and a billion customers. Every day, worldwide, 800 thousand people work to satisfy the desire of made in Italy of over 3 million customers.

For Italians and foreigners, who want to cook Italian, is necessary an effective training that aims to develop technical skills to bring out the best of this cultural heritage which is the Italian cuisine.
UDS’s culinary programme focuses on the study of food, food production, and sustainability.
The Italian cuisine is typically Mediterranean which entails eating a lot of vegetable, fruit, cereal, fish and in particular white meat. In addition the most important element is the fact that the Italian use olive oil for cooking in large amounts instead of animal fat. Furthermore the Italians take heed to follow nature and only eat what is in season. Another important “secret” is the Italian social life. Eating is a communion of sharing food between the family, celebrating events like the harvest of the main vegetables like wheat, olives and grapes.

In Italy, Università dei Sapori, is inserted in this context as an institution engaged for the past twenty years in the training of highly qualified professionals able to promote the best Italian food and cuisine in the world.

Uds has a culinary programme certificated by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation. The American Culinary Federation is the largest professional organization of chefs and cooks in the United States and is the culinary leader in offering educational resources, training, apprenticeship and programmatic accreditation.

To promote and valorize the agribusiness culture in its scientific, nutritional, historic, anthropological, social and economic aspects, UDS has signed important agreements with Culinary Schools in USA, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico. The partnerships provides students and faculty from that Countries with a unique opportunity to study in Italy and attend courses that emphasize Italian culture and cuisine. The students from abroad will study the latest, most innovative know-how from the ‘greenbelt of Italy’ and acquire skills in authentic Italian cuisine taught by top Italian chefs.

To begin their journey in the italian food culture, students and faculty can choose a course from the list below:

Italian Cuisine (taught in english)

Italian Pastry  and Gelato (taught in english)

360° Italian food professionale experience (taught in spanish)